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For this meeting the artist needs to have a computer with good internet signal and a web cam. Phones are not allowed to be used because the expirience won't be efficient since we will be using our platform that has a lot of material.

  • The meeting will be by Zoom

  • Be ready 5 minutes before the time schedule. We will be sending to your email the link and the information needed so you can connect directly from your computer.

  • If the artist doesn't answer 5 minutes after the meetings scheduled time, then the meeting will be canceled without reschedule. Responsability is the first skill we want to see.

  • Musicians - The musician have to be ready with the instrument and at least two songs to perform.

  • Singers - Every singer should not be sick at the moment of the evaluation. We want to see the skills of the artist and if is sick we won't be able to absorb the real talent of the student. The singer will also need to be ready to sing at least two songs.

  • Producers - Any producer has to be ready in their computer with their DAW and the music they have created. Every song has to be original.

  • ActorsFor actors that wants to enter in the music industry or musical theater. Be ready to perform 1 song withour acting and 1 song of musical theater.

  • Models - Any model who wants to grow in the music industry, be ready with a portfolio or videos fo your product modeling. Be ready to sing at least two songs.

Since this is an evaluation and we understand you are beginig, mistakes are accepted. Feel comfortable being nervous. Is part of the process and we understand that. The purpouse of the meeting is to find those talents that can be in the future the next Musik Mogul Talent.

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