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In Home Lessons

For over 20 years Musik Mogul has visited the homes of thousands of students in certain areas of the United States. Every day we open more areas to be able to bring an excellent service to each client we visit.


Places where we
serve at home lessons.


New York

Los Angeles




Puerto Rico

In states that we offer in home service, services are limited. This means that we only visit certain areas. Contact us today to see if we have service in your area and what spaces are available at the moment.


Instruments offered

Piano . Classical Guitar . Electric Guitar

Popular Guitar . Wind Instruments

Violin . Viola . Cello

Drums . Percussion


Puertorrican Cuatro

Voice & Singing

The instruments to offer vary depending on the area and the availability of spaces. Our prices also vary depending on the route to be traveled, the time of the class, the availability of spaces and the number of students. Call us today to make a real quote based on your personal situation.


Some of the Musik Mogul Talents

Jadnelys - Beach House (Official Music Video)
A Day In The Studio With Catalina And Her Violin
Everywhere I Go by Brianna (Classical Version)
The Mandalorian by Andrés Kopp
ILKE (Musik Mogul Rock Band)
Everywhere I Go by Brianna / Musik Mogul Online
Perfect cover by Logan and James Merrit
Sofía Gutierrez
A Thousand Years by Christina Perry / cover by Jordan Steele
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