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Singing, our voice, is the oldest musical instrument that exists. However, doing it correctly is challenging. It takes education, practice and a development that allows you to do it correctly. Since anyone can sing, our class is not about teaching singing. Our class is to rethink and fix what is wrongly done.

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Singing & Voice

Steps you will learn in this course.



This is the easiest part of singing. Start enjoying your process, everything you learn and how your voice will change. Here is where we start exploring our voice, the way you breath, your tuning, rhythm and natural skills. As soon as you find your sound we will take that sound to develop a new one with better shape. Be ready to feel how your voice will take another route.



Going to competitions is a great opportunity to learn. We will help you to be ready for this. Here you will start working with your strength, your focus and with that self-esteem. You need to learn from other singers. Evaluate yourself so you can create a margin between your old you and that new singer that is going to the top. Don't think about winning a competition. Think about learning, experience, friendship and opportunities.



Get in touch with others. Singing with other people that have the same goal as you will help you to learn many skills that are more difficult to learn alone. Harmonizing, duos and dividing the song is part of this process. We will help you to get in touch with other people with bands and musical groups around United States. 



This is the next step of being a great singer. You don't need to have expensive equipment. You just need some tools to get the job done. Recording your voice with good quality will take you to the next level. We will teach you how to get the best of you to be able to record. Then you will have more perfection, sound, rhythm and you will be the one that will judge the singer that is growing. 



Get on stage! Whether it's at church, karaoke or at a family reunion, you have to show people you are capable to show your skills. Even if you have a few mistakes, or you feel nervous or insecure. We will teach you the skills needed to go to any stage and sing like a big artist.



If you want to get to the highest level, you need to be a selfsufficient artist. A singer, producer, composer, instrumentalist and more. This is how you can get to be an artist and creating your own product. We have all the tools to take you to top level and become a Mogul.

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