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Musik Mogul's Study Requirements

Follow our student requirements to achieve the goal.

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      Education in everything is measurable. Musik Mogul has the most important tools to predict, measure and dictate the future of a student. Also, this can be done before you start your lessons. By following our study requirements, we can guarantee that your investment will have positive results. And if, after following the study requirements, the student does not learn, you can count on your money back. Every student can learn, the same way everybody learns to walk, talk, write or read. Music is a mechanical knowledge available for everyone. Is not about talent. Is not about being born into a family that always played musical instruments and the skill in your blood. No, this is about discipline, perseverance and responsibility. This is like going to school. Everyone learns even when someone has disabilities. This means that we have to give value to everything we learn. The key is a triangle. Parents, student and teacher are those important points that will determine the progress of the student. If one of those is missing then the knowledge won't be there. 

      How can you have more responsibilities in this journey? Simple! When we talk about a little kid between 5 years old to approximately 18 years old. The parents and the teachers have the responsibilities to punish the student and make the habits of discipline. After that age, everything definitely relies on the teacher and the student. Practicing every day, creating a habit is compulsory to get the knowledge. 

This is the recipe for being successful

  1. The student has to practice the instrument all seven days of the week for at least thirty minutes.

  2. The student must have a designated area to do their daily practice routine.

  3. The student must have their own instrument in good condition.

  4. The student has to use the work tools that Musik Mogul Online has for the development of it's students.

  5. The student has to maintain constant attendance to their classes and thus not interrupt this work schedule

  6. In addition to working with the instrument, the student has to practice his music reading, rhythm and theory homework on a daily basis.

  7. If the student is a minor, the parents are committed to making the student comply with all their study requirements.

  8. The student or the student's parents have to fill out the service surveys offered at Musik Mogul to keep a log of the behavior of both the teacher and the student during the learning process.

  9. The student has to maintain a positive results in the teacher's class annotations in all the aspects worked on in their class. This lets you know the point of development of the student as their learning process progresses. Not having a positive result would mark that the student is not complying with the assignments dictated by the teacher.

  10. The student, parents or designated guardian must maintain respect towards Musik Mogul staff to maintain harmony throughout the process.

  11. High speed internet connection, high definition camera and a computer of no less than 3 years of use is required at the time of taking your class.

  12. If the student meets these study requirements, Musik Mogul Online guarantees the service offered or the money will be returned.

The best way to have your equipment organized

To have the best experience with your lessons, you need to be organized. Our experience will guide you to be successful. As part of our study requirements we need to have the best com,munication between the teacher and the students. The teacher needs to see the hands of the students, the body position and all the details so the student can learn perfectly well. Here is an example of the way you need to place your computer, webcam, scoresheet and instrument.

computer stand.png
ipasd stand.png

To connect with the teacher, the student can use either a computer or a tablet. This is required to have good communication. Click on the photo of the stand to order one.

Click on article to buy it on


To read the music, the student can use a tablet or can print the material. If the material is printed, the student should use a scoresheet stand. Many pianos come with this. If your piano or any instrument does not have a stand, we require to have one. That way the student can foucus correctly in his class.

* We specify more on the position of the equipment when the lesson is for piano because for any other instrument like guitar, violin, wind instrument or singing the camera can be placed on front of the student where the teacher can see the whole area. 

Computer or Tablet with stand on the side of the piano.*


Tablet or Scoresheet with stand on the front of the student.



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