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For this lesson the client or student needs to have a computer with good internet signal and a web cam. Phones are not allowed to be used because the expirience won't be efficient since we will be using our platform that has a lot of material.

  • The meeting will be by Zoom

  • Be ready 5 minutes before the time schedule. We will be sending to your email the link and the information needed so you can connect directly from your computer.

  • If the client doesn't answer 10 minutes after the meetings scheduled time, then the meeting will be canceled.

  • Instrument - If the student plans to enroll to any instrument, they should have it. If not, it won't be a problem. We will be evaluating other skills and will inform you of the instrument you will need to start your lessons formally. The day of the formal lesson the student will need to have the instrument.

  • Singers - Every singer should not be sick at the moment of the evaluation. We want to see the skills of the student and if is sick we won't be able to absorb the real talent of the student. The student will also need to be ready to sing everything the teacher asks. That way we will have all the information to create the best curriculum for you.

  • Producers, Artist and other services just need to be on time for the meeting with any tool you have to show us. We will orientate you more during the meeting.

Enjoy a great meeting with one of our experts.

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