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Let's plan goals, expectations and everything you need before you start learning formally. Explore our methodology, our platform and answer all your questions about your lessons.

The Best Musical Education
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Since 1997 Musik Mogul has been the house of many artists and students that have developed their skills at the highest levels. Our special tools, curriculums, personal client service, and our more than 50 exclusive certified teachers 100% guarantee the sucess of anyone. We start at the age of 5 years old getting proffesional results since the 1st day of class. We believe that music is not only a hobby. Music is education, and education is not negotiable. Our excellent recipe has taken many of our students to the opportunity to participate in professional activities and concerts around the world like Turkey, Puerto Rico, Germany, Panama, Mexico, Spain, South America, Unitesd State and more.



    MUSIK MOGUL ONLINE is the leader in music education.

  • Service directly at your home in many places.

  • Guaranteed Service or your money back.

  • Certified teachers that are exclusive from Musik Mogul.

  • Progress certification that tells you the progress of the student.

  • An unique digital platform you can access 24/7.

  • We provide you all the study materials. (No book to buy).

  • Free additional video and audio tutorials for your lesson.

  • We teach the most popular instruments and more.

  • Musik Mogul test our students stages with company tests.

  • We build professionals, we rise artists, we create Moguls.

  • 1st school to have a system that works for autistic children.

  • Extra online groupal lessons and meetings with our experts.

  • We have supervisors that supervise the lessons making sure that the student is progressing under the standards of Musik Mogul Online.

  • Our teachers prepare the students so they can be certified directly by Musik Mogul.

  • Recognized and awarded by Disney, Latin Grammys, Thumbtack and many other entities.

  • We have no competition.

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Our company has been recognized internationally, reaching a lot of countries, stages, presentations, concerts, and competitions bringing us enormous prestige, giving us a huge prestige and letting us be the best choice when it comes to musical education. Some of our achievements include:

  1. Latin Grammys nominee

  2. 2021 Thumbtack Top Pro #1 School in Florida

  3. Concert for national television in Ankara, Turkey

  4. Concert with the Pan-American Symphonic Orchestra on Broadway, New York

  5. Puerto Rican Parade in New York

  6. Concerts in Paris, Euro Disney, Saint Maixen and Luzenac, France

  7. Concerts at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, Florida

  8. Concerts in Walt Disney Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida

  9. Presentations in Frankfurt, Germany

  10. Concerts in Xalapa, Veracruz and Ciudad México, México

  11. Concerts in Washington, DC

  12. Concerts in Chicago, Illinois

  13. Concerts in Milwaukee

  14. Concerts in Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá

  15. Presentations at the River Walk, San Antonio, Texas

  16. Presentations in San Louis, Missouri

  17. List for Latin Grammy Nominations with our rock band

  18. Concerts for the company Hard Rock Cafe International

  19. Participation with colleagues in the Paoli Awards, obtaining 1st place

  20. Concerts on radio, television and the press in activities of great merit, among other awards.

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Musik Mogul's Latin Orquestra
Walt Disney World Concert

  • What services Musik Mogul Online offer?
    Musik Mogul Online has many services in the music industry but our priority is music education. We offer online lessons in many musical instruments and services. Voice and Singing Piano and Keyboard Guitar (Classical, Electric, Acoustic, Popular) Bass Guitar Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello) Drums Percussion Latin Percussion (Conga, Timbal, Bongo and more) Wind Instruments (Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Saxophone) Music Theory International Instrumetnts (Ukelele, Puertorrican Cuatro, Cuban Tres) Music Production Sopund Engineering Songwrting and Composition Artist Development Video Production Music Bussines Digital Marketing
  • Do you offer lessons at home?
    In some areas we have the opportunity to receive the service directly at your home. Our teachers will be visiting you. Normally this service is for disable kids, seniors and people that can.t take their lessons online. Just let us know the location you want us to visit and we will tell you the availability of our service there.
  • At what age Musik Mogul Online start teaching?
    Normally we start at the age of 5 years old. Could be at the age of 4 depending of the results of the first evaluation of the student.
  • When can I take my lesson?
    Our teachers are ready to teach from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 9:00pm and Saturday from 8:00pm to 5:00pm (eastern time).
  • In a short way, how is the process to enroll?"
    Easy! Just 3 steps. We make a Free formal evaluation and lesson to evaluate the student skills, habilities, interest and all those things that we need to know about the student. In the same meeting we will give you the spaces available for you, recomendations about equipment needed and the day you can start formally Sign the agreement, make your payment and you are ready to start.
  • The lessons are live 1 on 1 or in groups?
    All our lessons are live 1 on 1. You are directlly connected with your teacher. In adition to your class, Musik Mogul makes events, conferences, classes and meetings for our students that are part of what we offer. Those meetings are Free for our students that are enrolled in at least one of our online, 1 on 1 lessons.
  • Are the teacher certified?
    Yes, Musik Mogul online has exclusive certified teachers that have a lot of experience, are prepared, and have all the certifications needed in our system. These teachers are the ones that have brought Musik Mogul all the awards we have gained in the last 25 years.
  • How long is the agreement of the lessons?
    Musik Mogul wants to serve clients that can pay the service, that are happy with their results, and wants to be with us growing everyday. This means we do not attatch our clients with long contracts. We have only a monthly agreement that you can cancel anytime.
  • What equipment do I need to take my lessons?
    Computer in good conditions Webcam Instrument *We will orientate you about anything you will need to buy before you formally start.

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Learn or your Money Back
Why we can guarantee our service and your money back?


Education in everything is measurable. Musik Mogul has the most important tools to predict, measure and dictate the future of a student. Also, this can be done before you start your lessons. By following our study requirements, we can guarantee that your investment will have positive results. And if even so, after following the study requirements the student does not learn, you can count on your money back.Every student can learn the same way everyone can learn to walk, talk, write or read. Everything will depend on many factors that we have determined in 25 years of experience.

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Our clients makes our reputation.

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Top rate 5 star company



Know the staff that has the commitment to give the best musical education on the internet.

Musik Mogul has 51 exclusive teachers that teach the best musical education on the internet. Our close staff makes sure that the service and organization gets to you with the highest quality.

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