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Our students with autism

Since 1998 Musik Mogul and its director Prof Jadnel Rosario has provided great support to the community of people with autism. We understand that this condition has a lot to give to society as long as it is put in the right hands. Music is an entity of power that reaches the brain of these people, bringing great benefits, not only psychological or physical, but also educational, where it offers the individual opportunities for future professional and occupational opportunities.

Some of our results

A Non Verbal teen during his

class. A big challenge that today can play his guitar.

One of our talented kids in concert for Steinway Pianos.

Here is an example of a student doing music reading, chord development and playing piano.

A Non Verbal girl during her first

class. She was able to perform a full simple song.

One of our students who started at 3 years old. He is already performing in different activities.

Some of our teachers who has a special training and certification to work with autistic students.

Click here and watch more of our students



our special methodology

Prof Jadnel Rosario CEO

When we talk about autism, we are afraid to talk about a condition with many directions. Prof. Jadnel Rosario, who has been interested in this condition since 1998, understood that people with autism have a lot to offer society. Separating ourselves from social stigmas we find that each of the people on the spectrum carries a super power which must be found. That is the initial task. If we let ourselves be carried away by the problems that autism can have, we will surely find many. However, the point is to find that perfect ear, that passion towards deep sound, that form of communication through a musical instrument, that way of filling your intellect through musical notes, among many ways to develop each individual.

Each musical instrument has a different level of difficulty. This tells us that before starting with a student, whether it is a child, young person or adult, we must perform a psychomusical test that makes it clear to us the direction that should be taken with the student. The result of this test will dictate which instrument would be a good starting option in order to have success and product as quickly as possible. Within this entire process, the most important thing is not even playing the instrument. The most important thing is finding the student's abilities in order to develop them, making the student see product so that their self-esteem remains at its maximum and that the student falls in love with their instrument to create a passion. After this happens "BINGO", autism is no longer a limitation. We must be careful and choose correctly who teaches the student. The success or failure of the student depends on this. Unlike a neurotipica person, the student with autism, after being poorly trained, finds it extremely difficult to eliminate these details.

During their teaching process, students learn the auditory concepts of musical notes for the development of relative and perfect ears. Based on color division, students will learn the mechanical concepts of music reading and musical rhythm. This will teach them to establish auditory patterns through musical symbols and the sound of notes. As for the instruments, an order is generally established according to the severity of the condition. That is, the level of difficulty of the curriculum will be given according to where the student is on the spectrum. In this way we begin to press, strum or blow the first notes and create a familiarization with the instrument. Our curriculum is loaded with unprecedented melodies that allow the student to create new auditory concepts where they have not been related before. This helps us ensure that students are not related to a specific genre so that they can learn and value all types of music. From a classic piece, like a popular song. Over time the student will learn and apply the concepts of chords, melodies, harmonies, intonations, melodic dictations, rhythmic dictations among many other skills. Each student is a world apart and we fear that we must direct that student within his or her world so that he or she can obtain the results that will demonstrate to everyone that his or her world is a perfect world.

Some of the Musik Mogul Talents

Jadnelys - Beach House (Official Music Video)
A Day In The Studio With Catalina And Her Violin
Everywhere I Go by Brianna (Classical Version)
The Mandalorian by Andrés Kopp
ILKE (Musik Mogul Rock Band)
Everywhere I Go by Brianna / Musik Mogul Online
Perfect cover by Logan and James Merrit
Sofía Gutierrez
A Thousand Years by Christina Perry / cover by Jordan Steele


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